Are you headed in the right direction?

Just as a compass point to North, a positioning statement is your company’s guide to direct you to where you want to go.  

This Positioning Strategy Template Will Help You Define:

  • What you do as a company.
  • How you conduct your business.
  • Who do you serve.
  • Why you are in business.

Defining your calling, client, core competencies and culture for your organizations positioning: the centerpiece of your marketing and business strategy.

Walk though the 6 steps of creating a positioning statement and validate your finding with you team. 

Your Positioning Strategy Has Multiple Uses:

  • Use it to develop your marketing strategy.
  • Use it to define your company culture.
  • Use it to train new team members.
  • Use it to focus sales efforts on the right channel. 

Positioning Doc 2 Positioning Statement